We Buy Properties Cash

If you want to sell your house—we’re actively buying and we have the funds ready to buy your house right away. Are you ready for us to make you a no-obligation fair cash offer?

-Are you going through a difficult divorce and just want to be done with the property?

-Are you moving to a new area and don’t want to try and sell the property from a distance?

-Are you facing challenges like liens or foreclosure and would just like to put it all behind you?

-Are you downsizing and/or retiring and want to extract your equity but not have to pay the expensive costs of fixing or cleaning your property?

-Have you inherited the property and just don’t want to deal with the extra bills and work anymore?

-Are you an investor who is sick and tired of dealing with problem tenants who are wrecking the house or never paying their rent on time?

-Does the house need expensive repairs that you don’t want to pay for?

Here’s the great news: No matter what situation, and no matter what the condition of the house we may want to buy your house from you right away (or whenever it’s convenient for you to sell.)

Our goal here at Celebration Investment Group is to help make YOUR life easier so you can end the hassle and headache, and finally get on with your life. We’re ready to pay you a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

Remember, no repairs or clean-up needed–we buy AS-IS.

No waiting! You tell us when you want to close. We can close fast if you want (even in as little as 7 days) or we can wait if you prefer.


Finding Your Next Investment Property

Property Investment Advice should focus on you and not properties. Unlock your full potential, fast track your success and achieve your goals with a one of a kind, completely customized property investment strategy working directly with our company to bring your vision to life.

Access creative and innovative investment strategies regardless of your budget, time frame or level of experience. Whether you are time poor and need an expert team working on your behalf or prefer a hands on approach, we have a range of flexible property investment options to suit every type of property investor.

For time poor or inexperienced property investors, capitalizing on the expertise and value that we provide is the competitive edge that many property investors struggle to find.

This competitive edge enables our clients to access properties that just never make it to the open market, and/or successfully negotiating to secure an open market property over another competitive buyer.

Whether you are an experienced investor looking to streamline, balance or diversify your portfolio, or a new investor looking to take advantage of an established network and knowledge base, using us is a great way to ensure you minimize risk when you invest in property.


Affordability is not an investment strategy, yet many investors launch into property investing without seeking independent property investment advice. They assume that if they buy any investment property then their financial future will automatically be secure. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

 The importance of obtaining independent property investment advice and developing a well thought out, customized property investment strategy should not be underestimated as it is a vital part of any investment portfolio and the foundation on which you will build your wealth. Without a solid foundation, you can place the long-term viability of your investment outcomes in jeopardy.

Property Investment Advice should be independent, without an agenda and have the ability to formulate an investment strategy which will complement your unique lifestyle goals and financial circumstances. We work with you individually to help formulate the ideal strategy for your particular circumstances and goals. Wealth creation through real estate and property investment all starts by having a well structured plan.

We will work with you to create a strategy that is designed to reduce taxes, fast track the elimination of debt and lay the foundation for you to build your wealth. We also outline and identify the purpose of each property you acquire and provide you with realistic goals and targets matched to your risk profile, timeframe and budget.

While some investors want to crawl before they walk, others want to hit the ground running and create as much wealth as possible in the shortest amount of time – we are experienced at providing property investment advice that caters to all investors regardless if you are just getting started, needing to find a solution for past choices which haven’t worked out or if you are ready to take your portfolio to the next level.

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