Why Invest in Real Estate in Tennessee?

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, we are a full-scale residential and commercial real estate investment company whose goal is to improve and beautify Nashville’s inner core and suburban neighborhoods, one property at a time.  By purchasing properties that have taken on repair needs over the decades and restoring them to their former glory, Cumberland Property Investments increases the safety profile, appearance and property values for Nashville’s many historic and diverse neighborhoods.  This mission is in our blood because we LIVE Nashville and LOVE Nashville!

Investors need to think about all aspects of real estate investment including rental income, expenses, home price appreciation, and taxes. At RealtyTrac we have written about the top markets for rental cash flow and trends in single family rental investment by the largest financial institutions. Recently I talked to Ingo Winzer of Local Market Monitor about putting our heads together on a top ten list for real estate investors. We looked at the markets with favorable economic conditions for investors, throwing out those with very high foreclosure rates or general home prices.


Knoxville Tennessee is a great place to live, work and INVEST. The appreciation rate in Knoxville real estate has been positively excellent for over 20 years. The past was great but we believe the future will prove to be even better with tremendous job growth and more positive sustained appreciation. We proudly serves as a premier real estate investment broker providing investment property sales and property management services for the Knoxville and Oak Ridge area.

Knoxville is the largest city of east Tennessee and the 3rd largest in the state. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the Knoxville MSA population is over 738,000. The city has served as the hub of the region since its founding in 1791. Knoxville is well grounded and strongly positioned for the future and the technology-based world of business… Read More.


Real estate is more than buying or selling a home. The current market reflects high demand for quality rental options and the growth of equity in properties for owners. These are just two reasons why real estate is a viable investment option.

If residential real estate investing interests you, here are six points to consider before jumping in.

There are two types of investing. You can invest to rent or flip a property. Different strategies are involved depending on what you plan to do with the property. Similarly, you need to begin with the end in sight. Before writing an offer, have an exit plan from that property in mind. If you plan to flip the property, what is your time line for completing work and having the property back on the market? If you plan to rent, how long do you plan to hold that rental? … Read More.


For the second consecutive year, Tennessee was honored as the top state for boosting jobs and capital investments. Economic development and site selector magazine Business Facilities named Tennessee its 2014 “State of the Year,” pointing to its emphasis on infrastructure and education as supportive to companies’ growth. Tennessee’s ranking in the top spot is due, largely in part, to the recent success of Chattanooga. Also known as “The Gateway to the South,” Chattanooga has really taken advantage of the recovery. Strong fundamentals are in position to support a healthy Chattanooga real estate market. Experts expect this region to progress in a positive direction for the foreseeable future.

Chattanooga real estate investing, and homeownership in general, has seen significant improvements in the years following the recession. Prices continue to grow relative to last year, and appreciation rates are outpacing the national average. Over the course of a year, homes in the Chattanooga housing market have appreciated by as much as 8.8 percent. The national average, on the other hand… Read More.

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