Why Invest in Real Estate in Georgia?

As Georgia’s capital, Atlanta is one of the top ten largest metro areas in the United States. With the country’s busiest airport, Atlanta is also a transportation hub for highways and railways. Atlanta has a growing economy that is 8th in the nation for GDP and is home to a wide variety of business that includes Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot, Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, and Delta.

Atlanta plays a valuable role in the U.S. economy and presents a thriving place for business and transportation. The Atlanta metro area is home to over 5.5 million, making this area a great place to invest in single family rentals.


For decades Atlanta was a market of constant growth, pulling in families from all over the South as well as city-slickers from up North. The population grew close to 4 percent every year, with jobs to match – many of them in the high-paying manufacturing sector. Real estate investments could hardly go wrong, home builders could hardly keep up.

Today’s Atlanta is different, with slower growth, a service economy, and a pile of foreclosures from heavy sub-prime mortgage lending. Some parts of the area are now growing well while others just creep along. Investors have to choose the sub-market and the type of investment that’s right for them. Fortunately, the low level of construction in recent years will give landlords the upper hand for a while. And the jobs being created, most importantly in business services, healthcare, hotels and retail – are the kinds of jobs that encourage renting… Read More.


Athens, the capital of Greece, holds a major place in the Greece economy. Greece has a mixed economy, which has shown considerable improvement since the government has tightened the policy after being accepted into the European Union.  After joining the EU, Athens has received many subsidies from the European commission to strengthen its public works projects and help the struggling agricultural sector.

Athens has been considerably successful in improving its economy by utilizing the subsidies from European commission. The EU financial assistance is used by Athens to strengthen the industrial sector and improve its infrastructure.  Athens also serves as the business hub for countries that are involved in trade with Southeast Europe and the… Read More.


Real estate investing in Lawrenceville, Georgia is growing in popularity. With the increase in interest, so too is the amount of competition. If you have a house for rent in Lawrenceville, finding ideal tenants isn’t always easy. You’ll have to gather paperwork, get contracts signed, find contractors for maintenance repairs, stay on top of rental payments and possibly file eviction notices. This is all just for a single property. Imagine what it takes to have several homes for rent in Lawrenceville. The truth is, that while real estate can be a lucrative investment, if you have other things to do in life, like run another business, work your day job or spend time with your family – then you’re probably going to need some professional help. The property management team in Lawrenceville, GA is here to help make your job easier.  Our property managers in Lawrenceville will work hard to help find the best solutions to any and all of your real estate related issues… Read More.


Savannah, Georgia was the beneficiary of rapid growth in the first part of last year, but settled into a more sustainable pace that we have become familiar with in today’s economy. That said, the city has undergone a considerable amount of growth in the past 18 months. Savannah should have a great year, as growth is expected to exceed historical averages. Tourism, port activity, business services, and above all – the housing market – should set the stage for above average employment and economic growth. Subsequently, said growth will certainly create attractive opportunities for those considering Savannah real estate investing as a career choice.

With a host of cities still stuck in the wake of the recent recession, Savannah is an anomaly. Otherwise known as the Hostess City of the South, Savannah has maintained a relatively healthy economy. With a diversified combination of… Read More.


Most of Georgia’s metro areas saw year-over-year increases in the unemployment rate at the beginning of this quarter, and Macon was no exception. At 8.3 percent, Macon’s unemployment rate is 1 percent higher than the previous year, and 2 percent higher than the state’s average. Subsequently, the city saw a drop in the labor force, which could impact unemployment numbers. This is certainly a soft economy that needs to improve.

Macon does, however, have one thing working in its favor: affordability. Not only are homes more affordable than most other cities in the country, but also the cost of living is considerably less than the national average. At $38,900; the cost of living in Macon is very manageable, and almost 36 percent less than the state of Georgia. That might explain the 2 percent rise in population since last year, as younger buyers are looking to capitalize on less expensive markets. Cities like Miami and San Diego continue to be too expensive for a large portion of the country, so it is the more affordable metros that attract those who are unable to save… Read More.

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