Commercial & Residential Turn Key Real Estate Investment Made Easy.

There are a number of ways to invest your hard earned money. Many individuals elect a hands off approach, like a 401k, IRA or Pension, where their dollars are invested in stocks, bonds and CD’s. But were you aware you can invest in a passive manner in Real Estate as well? That’s right, you can own a tangible cash flowing asset like a hotel or rental home and still do it with a hands off approach. What’s even better is that the returns you can earn in the Real Estate market far exceed those you can expect on Wall Street any day of the week. Here at CIG we specialize in educating and guiding our investors on how to maximize their cash flow and return on investment through the rock solid vehicle of real estate.


Turn Key Real Estate Investment made easy.

From Fix & Flip residential property to Hotel acquisition and management, we’ve got you covered.


Our teams are located in strategic cities spanning the Eastern seaboard.

From New York to Florida, we’ve got you covered!


Let us educate you today on how to maximize your cash flow and return on investment through the rock solid vehicle of real estate. From 401k rollovers to asset leveraging strategies, you can do more than you may think right away.


We’re a passionate group who have been fortunate to join forces and share our strengths and knowledge with you. Our backgrounds and experience span the full array of Real Estate related functions including construction, lending, asset management, market analysis, forecasting, budgeting, marketing, insurance, research and fund raising. We don’t know everything, but we’re not a bad source to have in your corner either.


Three simple words: Honesty, Transparency, Integrity
Our company was founded on the principle that business should always be handled with these three simple words in mind. When these guiding principles are heeded, everything else falls into place.


We’d love to walk you through the process of owning your own income producing properties, be it residential or commercial, from start to finish.


We pride ourselves in prompt, effective and direct communication.


The end goal is always strong return on investment for our clients. This is always in the forefront of our minds.

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